Put very simply, Tend is a shop.  It is the sister of Stretch London - a soothing yin companion to the yang of our bustling yoga and movement studio in the heart of Hackney.  For over 8 years we have thrived, bringing people together to move, breathe and connect.  We hold place as a collective.  Community is at our core.

To ‘Tend’ is a verb - it is taking action.  The word tend itself has many uses.  It can mean an inclination, or a predisposition to an idea, emotion or certain quality.  Most importantly for us, it means to look after, and watch over, and to take care of.

In March 2020 we had to close the studio doors, the decision impacted many things, but it didn’t shake the Stretch community.  During these challenging times, we understood the need and the power of human connection.  In response to this situation, we transformed one of studios into a bespoke nurture-focussed retail space, based around the four pillars we hold dear: self-care, care for our loved ones, our community and the environment.

Offering everything from sustainable cleaning products to local makers, living walls and beautiful homewares, through Tend we are offering up a new ritual of health and self-care, whilst triumphing the individuals and the local businesses we support.

A journey through Tend is a  trip through the personalities and passions of our local and widespread family, every person involved, every product and even every piece of recycled furniture tells a story.