11/11/20 Improve The Way You Breathe - With Daniela Rubino

11/11/20 Improve The Way You Breathe - With Daniela Rubino

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Wednesday 11th of November
18.30- 20.30
Cultivate immune and respiratory health 

Understand the science behind breathing and use the breath to create a more effective immunity against airborne diseases.

With Daniela Rubino
Daniela is a Yoga Instructor and Oxygen Advantage coach.

The oxygen advantage is a simple scientifically proven breathing technique that transforms our health and wellness. Learning to breathe correctly is VITALLY important. The majority of the population today are breathing DYSFUNCTIONALY. Correct breathing has become extremely challenging in our modern society. Over the centuries we have altered our environment so much and we have forgotten our innate way of breathing. The process of breathing has been warped by chronic stress, inactive lifestyles, poor diets – processed foods, overheated homes and lack of fitness.

Covid has put a huge awareness on breathing – a respiratory disease that effects your lungs, blood oxygen saturation, it creates breathlessness, reduces elasticity of lungs etc....
So many people have suffered and there seems to be more questions than answers at the moment. The World Health Organisation is talking about washing hands and social distancing but are not mentioning how to breath correctly/optimally in order to help fight the disease and reduce to the risk of getting it/transmitting it.

This is what we will explore within this workshop.
• We will start with a gentle yoga practice to prepare the mind and body for focus, and to open & increase movement in the lungs & diaphragm.
• We will then work through a slideshow of information – combined with breathing exercises in between.
• The session will end with a guided meditation